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Criminal Law

Post-Conviction Relief

Post-Conviction Relief, also known as PCR, is the process through which an individual can seek to attack a conviction. At Immigrant Crime and Justice, LLP we engage in extensive document retrieval, known as Padilla investigation, to ensure that we will have as much information as possible to understand the case and find the best PCR option for our clients. 

Document Retrieval

We request criminal and immigration records from various federal and state agencies in furtherance of creating a complete file which will allow us to better assess actual or potential immigration consequences that the client faces and find the best approach to mitigate those consequences.

Opinion Letters for Pending Criminal Cases (PC 1016.3(b), PC 1016.2)

Our opinion letters address the actual or potential immigration consequences that pending charge(s) may have on an individual. Our opinion letters also provide alternative options for the District Attorney to consider in furtherance of mitigating immigration consequences. Criminal defense attorneys seek our opinion letters to present to the District Attorney for consideration of immigration consequences under PC section 1016.3(b).

Declarations Addressing Immigration Consequences of Crimes as Well as Relief

Our declarations, generally presented when seeking an immigration benefit, address whether a conviction may render an applicant ineligible for a specific immigration benefit. Immigration attorneys generally present our declarations to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service officers.

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